Marc Rivers
Worked long time in investment fund, Marc continue as a market analysor. The combination of skills and knowledge, gained through studying finance and working in fund are valueble for our editors. The variaty of topics that Marc covers is tremendous.
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Elisa Leon
Elisa, teacher of science, with more than 26 years of experience behind her back. Couple of years back she started writing part time and helps us with her wealthy experience.
Mrs Leon’s Favorite topics are: solar energy, math, physics and etc.
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Lesly Frost
Journalist, Editor, writer. Lesly with her journalistic spirit is now our top researcher of exclusive news. Specialized in financial topics and spending her time hunting for news she’s our crown jewel.
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Maxim Moon
Writer, blogger, local critic. Couple articles in local magazine and newspaper.
Max’s hobbies are reading, writing, running, cycling, healthy life.
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Tom Hendricks
Graduated University of California, Davis, with several years of experience as a writer, with a couple of years as a blogger in financial field, Tom is now sharing all of his knowledge of stock markets. He’s diversified author because of his interests in Forex markets, in crypto currencies and etc.
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Livia Tillman
Growing up in a family of environmentalists, Livia was activist for Green Heart. Since child, her passion of green economy is continuing inspiring through blogging and her writing.
Ms Tillman gets most of her knowledge in economy and business sphere through her student years in University Of South Dakota.
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